It’s lockdown again because of Corona – everyone has to stay at home and the mood is in the basement. Who can help make life like it used to be?

In this animated film, 21 young people from the Feldstrasse/Talbotstrasse neighbourhood tell the utopia of the expulsion of the Corona pandemic. Drawings, sounds, spoken and sung material were created in May/June 2021 during a series of workshops with children from the St. Martin day-care centre and teenage pupils from the Martin Luther King School in Aachen North. They were accompanied by Barbara Brouwers and students from the Design Department of the FH Aachen.

The project was realised as part of the exhibition “Lovely Creatures – Animals in Art” 2021 at the Ludwig Forum in cooperation with:


The project was funded by the Verfügungsfonds Aachen-Nord within the framework of Soziale Stadt NRW, sponsored by the City of Aachen and supported by the stadtteilbüro aachen nord.