Nancy Graves

*1939 in Pittsfield (MA), USA

† 1995 in New York (NY), USA

Nancy Graves, Mongolian Bactrian & Kenya Dromedary, 1969, wood, steel, polyurethane, animal skin, wax, oil, fibreglass, linen, 244 x 320 x 122 cm / 229 x 305 x 122 cm Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst Aachen, loan of the Collection State of North Rhine-Westphalia © Nancy Graves Foundation/VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2021 / Photo: Carl Brunn

The US artist Nancy Graves (1939-1995) was intensively involved with Bactrian camels, camels and dromedaries. She deepened her knowledge of these animals through studies in natural history, anatomy and palaeontology. In 1966, the sculptor created her first life-size and hyper-realistic camel sculpture, which was to be followed by others. Parallel to the sculptures, she created drawings, paintings, films and collages, some of which have the appearance of scientific research materials, but which are at the same time autonomous works of art. Each group of motifs was preceded by an in-depth study of the respective scientific source material, and Graves’ personal reference library listed over 2,400 titles from all scientific fields after her death.