Alan Sonfist

*1946 in New York (NY), USA

Alan Sonfist / Blythe Bohnen, Tiger Chance Kill, 1972-73, Courtesy of the artist & Wolfgang Becker © Alan Sonfist Studio/ Blythe Bohnen / Photo: Simon Vogel

Alan Sonfist is often cited as one of the most important representatives of Land Art, but the artist excels in many artistic styles and media. One of his artistic methods is based on the principle of mimesis, imitation. Sonfist himself becomes an animal: a sea turtle, an alligator, a gorilla or a tiger. Completely naked, he acts and moves in the natural habitats of the various wild animals, imitating their movements and sounds. The actions are recorded in numerous photographs, which are assembled into a sequence of movements and illustrate how strong the artist’s empathy is for the respective animal.